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Show me Your Glory: A Prophetic Word for Thailand

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

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Prophets are often living parables, walking out and experiencing a prophetic word firsthand, before they are released to communicate that specific prophetic word. This is why so many strange and unusual circumstances happen to them. It’s not just another strange and bewildering incident that just occurred, but the Lord is divinely ordering their steps for this very purpose. Somewhere, somehow, God is in that situation with a potent word not just to the prophet, but also through the prophet. This is what happened to me recently as traveled back-to-back to Western Australia and Bangkok, Thailand and experienced God’s prophetic word to both of these places.

As I had shared recently on my blog (, I was sent on an intercessory assignment to “slay” a python spirit in Western Australia. I know that is a very strong statement, but I’ll explain.. We read about the python spirit in Acts 16:16, “Now it happened, as we went to prayer, that a certain slavegirl possessed with a spirit of divination met us, who brought her masters much profit by fortune-telling.” The spirit of divination referred to in this text is actually a python spirit and historically believed to be the guardian spirit of the oracle of Delphi ( I didn’t know this to be God’s plan at first, but realized the assignment after experiencing a specific set of circumstances.

Just days before I was scheduled to fly out, I ended up in the emergency room in the middle of the night unable to breathe. Long story short, I recognized that my physical issue was actually a spiritual issue and that a python spirit was attacking me. This spirit does a lot of evil things, but a few of its characteristics are to squeeze the life out of you, suffocate you, constrict you, confine you, and to tightly restrict you into a maddening frustration. I then researched the area that I was traveling to, and to my complete surprise, I discovered it had been dedicated to a python spirit from the start! We made this our prayer assignment and did what prophetic intercessors do. We made the firm decree in the court of prayer and thus began the work of regional deliverance for this area before heading out to Bangkok.

While in Bangkok, my teammates and I took some time in the city to pray and seek the Lord for His strategy. I was also invited to minister at an intercessors meeting at Living Streams Church (, and, while there, began to release a prophetic word to the area. You see, Bangkok was my original prayer assignment and not Australia. Late last summer, I was thinking about returning to China for my fourth ministry trip there, but Jesus spoke a different plan to my heart. He said, “Go to Bangkok and pray.” When He speaks like that to me, even though I don’t know what I’m going to do or with whom, by the time I arrive to my destination everything lines up.

Remember that a prophet often walks through the prophetic word before they have that word. The word for Thailand actually began in Western Australia as I began to experience the unique atmosphere of the church I was ministering at. Paradox church had cultivated an unusual atmosphere of intimacy in worship. Keep in mind that I’ve enjoyed powerful times of worship in my own church and in many others and was not a stranger to genuine worship encounters of all sorts. What I encountered here was quite different, and though difficult to describe in words, the level of intimacy in the atmosphere seemed to take hold of the very deep places in my soul and spirit. The late intercessor Ruth Ward Heflin used to say, “We praise until the Spirit of worship comes and we worship until the Spirit of glory comes.” I think this might have been what she was referring to in regards to the “Spirit of worship.”

It’s something to be experienced, for sure! Furthermore, the Holy Spirit took it upon Himself to visit me in the night in the most unusual way. Again, there really are no words to describe the experience, except that the encounter went so deep in my spirit that I was undone the moment it happened and haven’t been the same since. Again, it was an unusual work of intimacy, something initiated by the Holy Spirit Himself, and something you can’t find or initiate on your own. You have to be taken into it, but you’ll never be the same again.

As I stood before the intercessors in Bangkok, I began to express what I believed was the Lord’s heart for their nation. In paraphrase, I said this: God has a strategy for every nation! Even this nation! Just like Israel is called a son (Ex. 4:22), so all the nations are sons and daughters. And just like sons and daughters are birthed through intimacy, so this nation will be birthed in intimacy. The Spirit of God is drawing you into a deeper embrace and a deeper worship with the King. I believe the Holy Spirit was depositing in Bangkok the seed of the prophetic experience that I had back in Australia. And it was here that I finally understood the Spirit’s instruction to worship Jesus before the gods. It was this kind of worship, not just any worship, but this deep “Spirit of worship” that would begin to dismantle the gods of the land. This is a powerful counter move in a land presently known more for its perversion than its intimacy with God.

At the end of the night with the intercessors, my hands were covered with glitter and gold. I believe this was another sign pointing to the glory that God intends to release in Bangkok and Thailand. Again, Ruth Heflin said being inspired of the Holy Spirit, “We praise until the Spirit of worship comes and then we worship until the Spirit of glory comes.” Bangkok Thailand is being set up to display the glory of God and this nation will be birthed through intimacy with the Spirit.

My work in Bangkok is not done, but I’m assured of this: God has heard the cries of the intercessors for deliverance and for a deep turnaround in this nation. He does not ignore the prayers of His people and will astound you with His display of glory in this land.


Jennifer Eivaz is a minister and international conference speaker with a heart to equip the church in the supernatural and for raising up passionate and effective prayer. She is a content contributor for many online Christian publications, has been featured on several Christian television shows, hosts the popular podcast Take Ten With Jenn, and authored several bestselling books. Jennifer and her husband, Ron, co-pastor Harvest Church, now meeting in several locations – in addition to hosting a thriving online campus. They also have two wonderful children.

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