Can Physical Ailments Have Spiritual Roots?

“Many a time they have afflicted me from my youth,”

Let Israel now say—

“Many a time they have afflicted me from my youth;

Yet they have not prevailed against me.

The plowers plowed on my back;

They made their furrows long.”

The Lord is righteous;

He has cut in pieces the cords of the wicked.

Ps. 129: 1-4


Almost every physical issue that I’ve ever had to battle had a spiritual root and was more than just a physical problem. At the same time, each issue had a medical diagnosis. A name, a description, and a suggestion for medical treatment. I discovered, however, that physical issues with spiritual roots do not respond well to medical treatment, or they come back, until the root has been dealt with.

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For example, I began having issues with my spine in childhood. They had different terms for it back then, but nowadays it would be called scoliosis. There was a curvature in my lower back and I went to chiropractors off and on during my elementary school years. It went fairly unnoticeable until my mid-twenties and then I began struggling to walk. By the end of the day, I couldn’t lift my legs correctly and would shuffle when I walked. I was also losing strength in my back and would fall over sometimes while sitting. The hardest part was the pain I felt at night and only being able to sleep on one side. It took a few doctors to find the right therapy, but I began trying different things to stop the damage and keep it under control without medication. I also prayed and prayed and prayed some more. Healing seemed to come bit by bit, but not fully. That is until one night when I read the passage above.

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When I read this, all of a sudden it was like my eyes were opened. I began to make the connection between my back problems and the difficult upbringing that I endured. I also saw that the Lord was now ready to cut the cord of wickedness off of my back. I asked Him to “cut the cord” and when I did that, I felt something snap off my back. My spine began to contort back into place. It was painful and I did need a short time of recovery, but that’s how real it was. My back has been pain free ever since.

I’ve noticed a similar pattern in many others who have scoliosis. Their spines and backs seem to shout the message of their soul that came on them through hardship and affliction in their youth. Young girls and boys had been “bent out of shape” over the things that took place and it showed up in their bodies.

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Is this you? If so, it’s time to forgive everyone who hurt you. In addition, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, invite Him to search your heart for beliefs, inner vows, and attitudes you’ve absorbed in response to your upbringing that do not align with the word of God. For example, you might struggle believing anyone loves or cares for you, or you might be over-reactive, angry, and oversensitive. It can go much deeper than that, but invite the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to false beliefs and attitudes and invite Him to heal the wound that is obviously there. Think of these false beliefs and attitudes as being the cords that still bind you. Every time you release it, a cord breaks and you are one step closer to freedom.

I’ve heard multiple testimonies from people who’ve processed this out and experienced freedom in their bodies too.

If this is you, I am praying for you.

The Praying Prophet

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32 Replies to “Can Physical Ailments Have Spiritual Roots?

  1. Yes, please pray for me. Not sure if my issue at night is connected in similar ways, could be. I know it’s a generational thing though. Really desire prayer for total healing.

    1. Please pray for me. I have terrible pain in my neck, upper back & shoulders from pinched nerves and degeneration of my neck vertebrae. I have scoliosis further down, & sciatica in my lumbar region. I have frequent issues with python & leviathan. I believe these are familial demons from my father’s side. I also have severe arthritic damage in both hands. Please help.

    2. im having cramps diarehea above bladder some said maybe gallbladder. never had before. my husband and I are a mess hes harden heart staying in seoerate side of house. he has health issues. but when i say anything faken as critism. i kicked the door old hollow one out of frustration . husband and oldest daughter with a baby living hear .she and him are feeding off eachother. so constant arguing .he lives and goes out all the time alone. i have struggled to not believe hr doesnt have someone . he swears not. where we moced from he alway goes back. i feel I dont care tired of hsving to keep doing for him .so i quit accepted he on that side of house. he smokes weed for pain hip issues nerve and diseigrated discs. he doesnt look for work. waits for it to come to him. watches lots tv shows i dont like. I want to have no bitterness. this has been a repeat anger then jan 12th sabatosges and then living. . says im a pain in the butt. cause i tell truth not anywhere perfect but so done. iI can support myself or daughter who has unforgiving issue.but both girls tired of us fighting and no resolve. I want any roots in me taken care of .i cant force him to ever like ir love me. hr doesnt know how to resolvd. has tantrims like a kid who didnt get what he wants. beside myself. whole martiage bern likd this. he blames me for everything wrong in family. never taken acfion to look at his own self

    3. thank,you, for this, a couple of years ago I had been praying about some of the issues ive had with my legs and feet, I started to pray about it and felt the Lord say to me the Emotional abuses, and bulling I had in primary and high school, Are at the root of the pain, Over the years I have Scollious of the spine and Ostio Arthritis as, believed to be from a number of major falls through out my Life. Anyway, last Christmas, I very sore foot could barley walk on it, I went to have it ex-rayed and discovered their was a floating bone which at some point in my life I had broken, with out ever knowing.But, it was confirmation to what the Lord had been showing me Previously. I will continue to pray in this area. I am full time carer for my husband who as multiple back issues, as well as disability.The other thing I remembered was when I lived up north some people were praying for me one day and they saw in the spirit a black coat over my back, now I had never been involved in whichcraft at all but always felt something heavy over my back. when the prayed I actually felt it break and ripped of in the spirit. Thankyou.

    4. Please pray for me . .. this first week of december i woke up with vertigo and three days after i woke up at 4 am and i lost my left eye vision . The opthalmologist i saw later in the day called it vitreous hemorrhage of the left eye. I feel I’m being attacked spirituallly. Please pray for me

    5. I appreciate your prayers for me. Indeed, “many are the afflictions from my youth.” I think my scoliosis stemmed from the doctor using forceps to remove me from my mother’s womb. Also, Lyme infection from a tick caused many issues too. I’ve experienced much healing but I want total freedom! Glory to God.

    6. Pls pray for my daughter, Dr. Diagnosed her ” tuberous scelerosis” having tumor inside her brain, face & other part of her body. Having learning disability, hard to focus , left eye low vision, I has been praying , fasting & following all of your teaching & we got a lot of prayer to known evangelists. She is now 13 years old her name is ” miyu tamagawa “, thank you very much & God bless you all more to be a Chanel if blessing to others.

  2. The Holy Spirit has been showing my sister and I that we have a generational curse on our kidneys. Please pray with us that God will show us how to break this.

  3. Hi Jennifer
    I would love if you could pray for me too
    I am missionarie and I know I am called to do many things. Since I can think back I have again and again been attacked with sickness and I so desire to see victory in my body
    Thank you so much! Sabrina

  4. On Christmas Eve I left the family gathering and drove home, I was feeling extremely tired and new I better go since I had to drive about 45 miles. After getting home I wanted to read a bit of scripture then get some rest. About 2hrs later I woke up in extream pain over my whole body and felt like my head was going to explode. I made to the bathroom then back to bed. I started waking up every hour after word, same pain I refused to receive I was getting sick. After about 3 times in each hour of waking like this, I asked God what is this? I went to sleep again then waking up and my mind was in complete battle, I was reversing curses and praying
    Not real clear on what I was praying but it was very heavy. I even saw you in my praying and you were telling me I needed to work this out. I’ve been reading your book on intercessory prayer, maybe that’s why you were in my dream/battle it was very real. Please pray for me, I believe that God is trying to show me something to change the course of my life for the good
    But this battle is real and I feel completely drained.
    Thank you,

  5. I’m desiring prayer as well..
    I’m a Pastors wife in Yuba City/ Marysville California.
    I had a terrible up bringing. A Painful childhood.
    I struggle with scoliosis along with IBS and fibromyalgia.
    Which brings depression at times.
    Believing God for total healing……
    I refuse to give up!

  6. Yes, I can identify with this. I deal with chronic migraines and nausea all the time. I also struggle with loving myself and letting others love me. I struggle with oversensitivity as well. I am battling depression also. Please pray for me.

  7. This sounds so much like me. I have terrible issues with my back and have been prayed for. The pain keeps coming back. I don’t remember a lot of my childhood but I believe my mother resented me because she wanted a boy and I was the last of three girls. Please pray for me. Thank you

  8. I be been prayingn and trying to figure out where PCOS which is a reproductive issue comes from spiritually. I know that God has been dealing with me on balance and not overwhelming myself.

  9. I am so glad you write this article. I also believe it’s a spiritual root that makes existing ailments worse. I got hurt at work 2 years ago and when I get depressed the pain is worse and back and forth. More pain more depression more depression more pain. It had gotten to the place a few times of not even living. Pain wears you out. I do want to live. Please pray for clarity in what is causing this. Thank you.

  10. Please pray for me.. suffering from major headaches .. tingling heat in my head which is now shooting to my arms.. just saw a doctor today and they took a few X-rays of my spine.. will get results hopefully by tomorrow… interesting thing is I went through a crazy 2010-2012 battle of sickness and torment that I overcame by the grace and blood of Jesus Christ.. and now going through this .. not sure if it’s related or what’s going on ?? Jennifer please have your prayer warriors pray for me.. I went to your seer conference last year with my cousin Mercedes wondering why I was even there!!! I just had a prophetic word spoken over me that I would be a dreamer and interrupt dreams!!! They was very surprising to me!!! I need God’s strength .. peace .. and faith to help get me through this season in my life right now!!! Thank you!!

  11. Yes ,please pray for me I feel that what has been going on with me has been spiritual generational curse , since I was a young girl. I was very accident prone while growing up , I was always hurting myself , dislocated my shoulder, my foot and leg got caught in bike spokes , my shoulder was injured twice as a child. When I started working on my join I began getting hurt with car accidents , and other incidents that left me injured to get three surgeries to correct my rotator cuff. After rehabilitation of my shoulder, then other illness started to happen in my life. At least four other illness . I’ve been battling and I’m so tired. Please pray for me to get healing in Jesus name. Amen

  12. Amen! My Mom began to develop severe disfiguring rhumatoid arthritis in her hands in her late 50’s. She had been a fashion model as a teen and was extraordinarily physically beautiful, so this disfiguring was very hard on her and on me as her adult 2nd son.
    Now I just turned 60 and the enemy is trying to afflict me with the same thing but in my feet. My left foot especially, has beginning signs of the same thing. I have a doctors appt on Jan 2. Sometimes the stiffness and pain gets where Im ready to just go to the ER to get a diagnosis and some heavier pain meds but I’ve so far relied on just confessing healing scriptures.
    I feel that this has helped but as you wrote, there is still more healing to be done.
    I will forgive my Mom for all the things I blame her for (she passed in 07) and expect healing!

  13. I thank God for you Prophetess Eivaz, I too have been dealing with lower back pain and there’s times when I can’t get up. This scripture and your prayers and transparency have been a great help to me. Kingdom Blessings to you in Jesus name amen.

  14. I always find something helpful in these articles. Thank you. Been through a lot of healing so far & asked the Holy Spirit about why I’m bent over & have back pain and my step mom came up immediately. He’s awesome.

  15. Please pray for me. Scoliosis was detected when I was in 7th grade and a couple of years ago, my grandson was told he has scoliosis.

  16. This article caught my attention. I have been feeling and deep down knowing that phone physical pain is connected to something rooted but I don’t know what. 2 things continue to occur: 1) headach on right side of head or left & 2) Stomach bloating. 90% of time when I have prayed the stomach pain leaves. The headache not really.

  17. I broke my tailbone twice, was thrown severely from a horse onto my back, was in a severe car wreck and one issue included a severe whiplash, plus I saw severe cruelty to animals when growing up. I have been married to an emotionally and verbally abusive man for 43 years. I’m old enough that there are issues I have had to deal with that kept compounding including breaking away from a church with a strong spirit of religion and a lady with an aggressive Jezebel Spirit. All said, until I finally became mostly disabled because of my spine, I was highly successful in exhortation and intercession ministry. I have been prayed for all over the country with little breakthrough.

    1. Praise God! I have had a pinched nerve in my back and neck. Also have carpal tunnel and problems with pain in my hand and arm. I wake up most nights with pain and can only sleep on my left side or on my stomach. Very uncomfortable. Please pray for me.

  18. Where can I find the spiritual root causes of a sickness, for example restless legs syndrome? I need the info please! Thanks

  19. Praise God! I have had a pinched nerve in my back and neck. Also have carpal tunnel and problems with pain in my hand and arm. I wake up most nights with pain and can only sleep on my left side or on my stomach. Very uncomfortable. Please pray for me.

  20. Been walking with swollen leg and foot for nearly 2 years. All medical test shows there is nothing wrong.

  21. I have fibromyalgia that seem to stem from past trauma. Although I am not sure it’s fibromyalgia I have chronic pain. Extreme muscle aches and or bone aches. Please pray for me.

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